Title: She's So Dead to Us  Author: Kieran Scott  Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Ally Ryan is moving back to Orchard Hill.  She doesn't want to for several reasons, one major one involving her dad's money scam that lost her friends' parents a large amount of money.  Ally's sure that her old friends, a.k.a The Cresties, will never want to talk to her again even though she wasn't the one that lost all their money.  She was right.  Once school starts, the harrassment also begins.  The only peace Ally finds is from one of the new Cresties, Jake.  Little does Ally know that being involved with Jake is only going to cost her more harrassment then what the Cresties started with in the beginning.


Where do I start?!?  I loved this book so much I couldn't put it down!  The plot, characters, setting, everything was amazing!  I loved it!

Ally Ryan was a extraordinary main character.  She handled the Cresties, Chloe, Shannen, Faith, Hammond, Trevor and Todd, so well, (bullying-wise) I was cheering her on from the start!  I don't think that I could've handled what Ally did as well or as nicely as she did.

Chloe I felt for.  She wasn't exactly one of the mean Cresties but she still followed through with Faith and Shannen's orders.  I think that if Chloe could've stood up against the two, she and Ally would've been able to re-become friends closer to the beginning then to the end.  Hammond is kinda the same thing. 

Shannen and Faith, boy were they mean!  I wanted to strangle them so many times throughout the book because of how mean and controlling they were!  I know there are people in the world like them but still!  They were great characters in the story and really helped with the plot.  Actually, they pretty much were the plot.

Annie was a great friend to Ally.  She was one of those best friends you wished you had at some time in your life.  She was not a Crestie, thank goodness!  Annie always really supported Ally and helped her get over the fact of how mean the Cresties were being by showing Ally how they could have fun, Norm style.

Jake was one of those characters that had you thinking: "What side is he on exactly?"  One minute he was denying that he had any feelings for Ally and the next he's holding her hand!  He was such a sweet boy who really had no clue who to turn to or which side to be on.  His family wasn't affected by Ally's dad's scam, they didn't move to Orchard Hill until a year later.  I really hope that in the sequel, Jake will man up and apologize to Ally to what happened at the end of this novel.

I hated the ending of this book!  It just kinda stopped and I didn't want it to end!  Oh well, leaves room for another book. :-)


Readers 13+

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