Okay, so I haven't been blogging a lot lately and I feel really bad about it. I promise I will blog more often. With school, blog tours, and my birthday coming up, (TOMORROW!) it's been pretty hectic at my house. :)
Anyway, here is a giveaway for the novel Bloodlines and sequel Torment. Just in time for Halloween! Enjoy! (For some reason, the text I got for the blurbs from The Experience Tours, link to Goodreads... sorry about that.)



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11/10/2011 08:44:02 am

OMG! Alexis! Im sooooo sorry! I got my phone taken away and i lost your home address so there was no way to contact you. Im sorry if you thought i was upset with you. This isnt about the book, its just so that you can read. But again im really really sorry.


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