Title: You Wish  Author: Mandy Hubbard  Publisher: Penguin Group 
Sixteen year old Kayla McHenry isn't exactly a high school girly girl.  One obvious reason is that she doesn't want to have a Sweet 16 birthday party whereas every one else her age has been dreaming about having one since they were ten.  When her mom plans a party anyway despite Kayla's complaints, Kayla finds herself in a whole whirlwind of trouble after she blows out the candles on her cake and makes her 16th birthday wish: "I wish my birthday wishes actually came true, because they never freakin' do..." That trouble starts with a life sized My Little Pony.


I stumbled upon this book while I was quickly searching through the teen section of my local library.  I usually don't judge a book by it's cover but because this one had a cupcake on it and at the time I was a tad bit hungry, I decided to check it out and read it.  I'm really glad that I did.

It was hard for me to get into the book at first but once her birthday wishes started to come true, it got really entertaining.  If I was Kayla, I would have no idea what the next day's birthday wish would be because I barely remember my most recent birthday wish.

I could definitely relate to Kayla with the whole 'I have a crush on my best friend's boyfriend' sorta thing as I'm sure many girls do because that's the way we are. 

I got really excited at the ending because of the way she chose to fix everything.  She also learned more about herself and her actions when her birthday wishes started to come true.

My favorite part has to be when Kayla met Raggedy Ann.  Throughout that whole chapter I was laughing because I know a girl who is just like Ann; curious about everything.  By everything, I mean EVERYTHING.  Plus, I also have a Raggedy Ann and Andy doll but they aren't in my closet and now when I see them I will remember reading this book.

All in all, You Wish, was a very entertaining book that I will recommend to all teen readers.

Readers 10+


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