Title: The Summer I Turned Pretty  Author: Jenny Han  Publisher: Simon & Schuester
Belly looks forward to going to Cousins Beach every summer to hang out at her favorite place with her favorite people.  This year, it all seems different though.  First of all, Steven, Belly's brother, is starting college, so he's not even going to be at the beach house the whole summer.  On top of that, Conrad has been acting strange.  Belly notices that kind of stuff with him because although he doesn't know it yet, she's been in love with him since the very first summer at Cousins Beach.  Belly's hoping that this summer will be the best one yet but with the way it starts out, she has a feeling it's not going to be like any other.


I wish I could've picked this book up so much sooner!  Even though it's the middle of September, I would've loved reading this book during the summer.  It'd be a perfect one to read during that time.

The whole story was emotional in a good way.  All the events that happened during the summer Belly's having, changes the way she thinks and she wishes she could've done things over.  It also gives her time to look back at past summers and what happened then as well.  I thought the flashbacks were a great touch to this novel but also loved what was going on in the present with all the boy drama.

Yes, boy drama.  Conrad, at first, seemed like a bad boy kind of type just by the way he acted.  Steven was the watchful brother who cared for Belly but teased her just as much.  Jeremiah I loved from the start.  He was a funny character who in the end turned out to be sensitive as well.  I loved how all three of the boys were there for Belly and wanted to protect her.  They all were like brothers to her.

This story made me laugh and cry and I can't wait to read the sequels.


Readers 12+

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10/6/2011 06:47:32 am

This book made me cry too. Have you read the rest of the series? I haven't and I am curious to find out if it is as good as the first book.

I agree with you, it would have been an excellent summer read.


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