Title: Heist Society  Author: Ally Carter  Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Katarina Bishop was born into a family of thieves.  She's not an ordinary thief and she's definitely not dangerous, depending on what dangerous means in your dictionary.  When she finds out that her father is in grave danger, Kat discovers that she needs to get back to her sleuthing/thieving ways and ditch the boarding school to help save him in more ways then one.  The mission she and her group is assigned is difficult but she was born for this.


I absolutely loved this book!  In the beginning it was a little hard to get into but the action picked up pretty quick.  Kat was my favorite character.  She was a girl that wouldn't let anything get in her way of saving her father and returning the stolen paintings to their rightful owners. 

Hale was also a great character.  At first, I saw him as kind of a jerk because he framed Kat of a crime she didn't do so that she could get kicked out of boarding school.  As the story progressed, I realized that he only wanted the best thing for Kat's sake and wanted to protect her.  When she was in boarding school he couldn't do that.

Gabrielle was a character that I found was intelligent when she wanted to be but could easily play a ditzy blonde.  She was a great character that I grew to love near the end.

Hamish and Angus... where to begin?  All I can say is that they reminded me A LOT of the Ron and George Weasley, (Harry Potter,) character- wise.  I loved them!

This novel had humor, romance and adventure all tied together as one.  I cannot wait to read the sequel!


Readers 12+

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