Title: Happiness Sold Seperately  Author: Libby Street  Publisher: Downtown Press
25 year old Ryan Hadley is in a crisis, both financially and mentally.  She hates her job that has her working eight hours a day entering data with a low salary and hates how her life is turning out to be.  While Ryan's three best friends move up career wise and she's still stuck in her cubicle, Ryan discovers that she needs to quit worrying about consequences and start living her life the way she wants to.  To do that, Ryan makes a list of things she wants to accomplish, one of them involving her leaving her cubicle for good.


I thought this novel had a great introduction to both the characters and the situation but at the same time it was a little challenging to get into.  At one point, I really didn't want to finish the book but I'm glad I did.  After Ryan made her list and her ex- boyfriend, Charlie, came to the city, it started to get really entertaining.

Throughout the book, I grew to love the characters.  I instantly fell in love with Will, Ryan's cubemate at work.  He was such a bubbly character with a bunch of energy that kept Ryan's spirits up during the long workday.  I loved how he was there and ready to defend Ryan during the dinner scene with Charlie.  I also loved Ryan.  In the beginning, she seemed as if she was one of those kind of people who give up on themselves at one point and don't care about life anymore; she definately wasn't.  It took her a while to step out of her comfort zone but once she did, no one could stop her.  It takes a lot of determination and hard work to achieve some of her goals that were on her list, including singing a song on Broadway.  When Charlie was first introduced, I didn't really like him.  In fact, I didn't like him at all.  He was being extremely rude to Ryan about their breakup that had happened years before and he still hadn't gotten over it.  As the story continued, he became one of my favorite characters as well.  Marisa, Charlie's "fiancee" was far from one of my favorites.  She added a great spin to the story but I really hated her.

The story was very well written and had a great plot.  Near the end, I was cheering for Ryan and hoping that Charlie would leave Marisa.  Like I said, she was not one of my faves.

This novel was a great page turner and one I will recommend.


Readers 13+

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