Title: Glee Foreign Exchange  Author: Sophia Lowell  Publisher: Hachette Book Group
Based on the hit tv series, Glee, comes yet another novel filled with more Rachel, more Glee Club and more Sue!  Mr. Schu has decided to host the French Glee Club at McKinley High during Multicultural Week.  The students in Glee Club are really excited to get such an opportunity and are ready for the French students to come with a warm welcome performance planned by Ms. Rachel Berry, (with Mr. Schu's help of course.)  But when the French Glee Club comes to McKinley High not everything turns out like it's supposed to... or does it?


I have to say that I liked this book better then the first one.  It's kinda sad because usually the first in the series is the best and can't be topped.  (Although, the Inkheart and Harry Potter series breaks that rule.)  After reading the first book, I wasn't expecting much from the second but was honestly entertained while I was reading it.

I'm one of those people who despise Rachel Berry, (sorry Lea Michele, you are a great actress though!)  In this book, she was mean to the foreign exchange student Celeste, stuck- up which she usually is and full of jealousy.  I was really annoyed really quickly when I found out that this book was mainly about Rachel.  Which it is.

I was cheering Artie on in this book because his relationship with Rielle was sooo cute!  I'm so happy with the ending of this book because things turned out the way Artie wanted them to but wasn't expecting them to.  He's one of my favorite characters on the show.

I'm going to continue reading this series just because I'm a Gleek but wouldn't recommend it.  Unless, that is, you are a Gleek like me.


Readers 12+

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9/10/2011 10:11:08 am

I totally agree with you!!! I think you like these books more than I do, but I keep reading them just because I love Glee!!!


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